Based in Hong Kong & China Major Cities.


CV Group Ltd. found in 2014 by a group of passionate youngster. We aim at providing professional quality production services yet creative materials and by interesting way.

We claim to be:

  • Expertise in Design & Production, Digital Marketing, Neon Light, Installation and Lighting Engineering.
  • Well experienced in client servicing from various industries
  • Focus on marketing events, fashion stores, exhibitions, shopping malls and Online Marketing
  • Creative, Detailed, Innovative
  • Flexible to changing needs. We know the difficulties of our clients in finalize all ideas at a point of time, so we are trained to best support the sudden change of idea, production requirement and deadline.
  • Flexible to production budgeting. We will offer an attractive price for clients with own design. We also welcome clients requiring high quality design and production solution.


Just give us your idea, We will do the rest.